The Ordering Process

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Listen to our portfolio and check out our pricing page. Do you want exclusive rights to the music (to sell the soundtrack on iTunes or Steam) or do you just want custom music for your game? How much music do you want? What genre do you think would work best for your project?


Fill out our Custom Music Inquiry Form to start a dialogue with us. (Or email us at “music at grumblelabs dot com” if you’re not a form person.) Tell us a little about your project and let us know the answers you came up with for step 1. We can help you brainstorm if you’re not sure.


We’ll help you assemble a list of examples that we can use as a guideline for the project. Maybe there’s a specific sound you heard in something we’ve already done that we can duplicate exactly, or maybe there’s another game/film out there that has the vibe you’re looking for. Even if it’s something we haven’t done before, we’re very anxious to try new things and it’s entirely risk free for you.


Once we figure out what will be involved in the process, we’ll give a rough quote of what we should aim for and we’ll start making demos and sketches to show you. This will take about 2 days.


Once we’ve made you some demos, we’ll show you some different options and directions you can go. (A demo of a full symphonic piece will sound very little like the final product while the demo of a chiptune may sound very close- but either way, we’ll figure out the tempo, structure, length, and you’ll get to hear a rough version of what it’s going to sound like.)


6. After a little back and forth, we’ll lay out the plans and finalize a price based on our pricing page (which is all inclusive- mixing, mastering, instrumentalists, materials).

At this point, if what we’ve presented to you doesn’t impress you, you are free to walk away without giving us any money. We’ve been lucky that nobody has abused this policy in any way so far, so we’re happy to continue following it.

A few unspecified exceptions apply- if you ask for a 20 minute piece to be constructed out of recordings of your child screaming, we might request some part of the money down upon starting the demo process.


7. Once we receive a PayPal payment for production of the piece, we’ll get to work completing it, providing full resolution copies at various steps (after arranging, after modifications, after mixing/mastering). Depending on what was requested, we’ll be able to get this to you in 1-3 days. (If you want something that involves hiring people out of house, we’ll try to figure out time frames with you.)

While most of the composing at Grumble Labs is primarily handled by Brian and Phil, we have access to a huge number of people who specialize in specific things: Grammy award winning instrumentalists, arrangers, composers, and programmers. Need a choral arrangement? Need an alto flute or duduk solo? Need ambient percussion performances done in a large studio? Need chiptunes to be programmed on an actual Atari 2600 to be authentic? We’ve done all of this in the last few years, although depending on what it is, it will impact pricing and/or turnaround times.