Custom Music For Your Project

Music can contour and enhance emotion. Music occupies the silence of contemplation. From a purely technical psychoacoustic standpoint, music can provide a bed for sound effects so that you don’t hear line or room noise cutting in and out of samples. Music can linger in your head long after you’ve heard it and accompanies your memory of an experience.


We’ve made games and films- we understand what it’s like to nurture an idea of your own, for years sometimes, and there’s nothing quite like feeling your world suddenly come alive with music. Every experience you’ve tailored suddenly has context. Music is the tangible translation of the abstract emotional elements of your own vision and there really is nothing quite like music created specifically for your own project- it provides the viewer/gamer with a set of memories unique to the experience you want to convey.

But don’t worry- if your film’s kickstarter hasn’t received funding yet, or you need something mildly appropriate until your game gets Greenlit on Steam, we can help with that too and find you some non-custom music we’ve already written.


We’ve been working together writing music for other other people’s projects for over 15 years *cough* tracker music *cough* and there is nothing more exciting for us than bringing new melodies and emotional landscapes into this world.

Check out some of the examples of our music.